Before You Order

1. You are currently on the U.S. Bookstore Hub. All orders are in U.S. Dollars and can only shipped to addresses within the U.S. Orders going to an international address not found in the other GrowingFamilies.Life Hubs, must request special shipping from Customer Service.

2. When placing an order, please note that each item has its own product number. For example, the price for a DVD series is just for the DVDs only. Student workbooks are not included in the price. 

3. For questions about ordering, please contact Customer Service.

4. Regarding Curriculum on USB Flash Drives.

  • Flash Drive files only play on Mac and PC operating systems.
  • Flash Drives are "Read Only" files.
  • Flash Drives are engineered to prevent files being copied on a computer hard-drive.
  • Although USB Drives can be "mirrored" on a Television Screen, they will not play directly to a TV USB port.