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VIDEO SERIES on USB Flash Drive | Protecting the Innocence of Childhood (SKU-1600) Non-Refundable Item


Product Description

Protecting the Innocence of Childhood (Preschool - Preadolescence)

4-Sessions on Thumbdrive (No RETURNS on Thumbdrives)

Children only get one childhood and it is worth protecting! Yet, nothing can destroy a child’s innocence faster and with more harm than the premature transfer of sexual knowledge. Once the innocence of childhood is lost, it cannot be regained—and that is the challenge of the age in which we now live. How can parents protect the sexual innocence of their children, yet prepare them with the necessary, age-appropriate knowledge that will keep them safe in a sexually-threatening world? There is a proven way, and it comes with a generation of success stories. In this 4-part series, parents will find a step-by-step blueprint that will help them educate their children with a type of “protective” knowledge that will neither overwhelm their senses, nor rob them of the innocence that belongs to childhood. It is a method that allows children to gain the knowledge they need without being defiled along the way. The video presentation is also supported by a comprehensive workbook, (SKU-1602). 


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