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WORKBOOK | Parenting from the Tree of Life (SKU-2502)


Product Description

Comprehensive and Complete Life Series Workbook

Part One: Life, Children and Relationships 

Part Two: Life, Children and Character Development

Part Three: Life, Children, Encouragement and Correction

In the beginning, God created the universe and declared it to be good. He created man in His own imagine, male and female, and placed them in a garden, where He also placed two fruit bearing trees. The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The fruit of the first tree brings life, the fruit of the second leads unto death. 

This is where the human story begins—this is where our story begins—with a choice between life and death. But not just life or death, but rather a choice between a way of life and a way of death. Two trees with two different outcomes. From which tree will your parenting be guided? 

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